The Empire - 1 Day Cleanse "The Beginner"

$45 $60

Let’s face it, stomach issues are uncomfortable. Get a kick start on your healthy lifestyle and nip any stomach problems in the bud with this one day cleanse. This cleanse is designed for anyone who suffers from any stomach related problems, such as digestive issues, gastritis or ulcers.  Our 1 Day Empire Cleanse consists of 6 juices (3 Cabbage / 3 Greens).  With these 6 bottles of our fresh juices, your body will get the maximum amount of nutritional benefits it needs to start healing within.

Cleanse Ingredients: Cabbage, Kale, Parsley, Orange, Cucumber, Spinach, Green Apple, Collards, Lemon, Ginger, Pineapple and Celery.


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